About Us

Jaywayne is a professional  omni-retail company. Our purpose at Jaywayne is to create an inviting beauty shopping experience and inspire fearlessness to our customers. Through our continued expertise, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit, Jaywayne encourages clients to explore the universe of beauty and wellness with an unbiased approach to experiential retail.



Founded by Kevin Oyang in 2015, Jaywayne have been adhered to the dream of build a more beautiful world for more than 5 years. Jaywayne award winning professional makeup artist and cosmetologist by providing them the most professional airbrush makeup kit, eyebrow tattoo machine and equipment. What's more, we're now to offer more personal cares and home appliance for people to build their nice and warm home.



At Jaywayne, we provide people the Professional Makeup Tools to make a charming appearance. Now, we are providing more products for our home. Jaywayne works hard every day to provide people the amazing tool for makeup,  little but very useful products that used in our home. We value everyone client’s suggestion and advise. We enjoy sharing experience and happy hours with you. Hope Jaywayne can help everybody build a nice look and a warm home.



Jaywayne treat all of our clients as lovers, close friends to provide our the best qualifed products and service with solicitude. We care more about your emotion than the others, we sincerely hope to the Jaywayne products will bring your joy, care and love. With Jaywayne around, your life will be full of happiness.