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Come with

15 pcs nail art design brush set

5 pcs nail art 2-ways drawing dotting painting pens

5 boxes nail-art rhinestones

10 pcs assorted colors nail striping tapes

12 pots paillette foil sticker in 4 colors



Design Brush Set

3 liner brushes: Delicate pen head, very easy to pull the line, also can be used for painting, pattern, sketch painting, edging.

1 dotting pen: Can be used to paint colorful patterns, glue rhinestones/sequins with water.

1 drawing brush: Exhaust stoke method is the latest painting techniques to draw a very strong 3D artistic effect.

1 paint pen: A carved pen very easy to use.

2 large flat brushes: Can simultaneously draw many lines, often used in wood grain pattern painting. You can also dip 2 or 3 colors at the same time to brush gradient effect, or brush laser powder, glitter sequins.

5 small flat brushes: Single brushes used for drawing 2D colorful painting. Dip 2 or more materials to make gradient effects and stereo painting patterns.

2 drawing pens: Medium length nail brush, draw a zebra pattern or vines slightly vary in length.



Excellent dotting pens

5pcs nail art dotting tools with 2 ends each

One end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller ball for various dotting work

Pen heads are in different sizes can produce beautiful patterns, flowers, dots, outlined and so on.

Dips with water can glue rhinestones, small decorations, sequins and so on.


Paillette Foil Sticker

Color: 4 colors

Quantity: 12 pots

Material: acrylic & foil

The nail art decoration set material is safe, harmless to your nails, Suitable for professional use or home use. Perfect for your party or fashionable look, used with normal nail polish and acrylic nails.